A Season Of Pagan Sorrow

by Kald Kriger

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John Devlin
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John Devlin I love a good album artwork that gets you ready for what you're about to listen to. This does it! There's a cold atmosphere to this whole album, and with "Let the Ravens Fly!" I definitely feel it. There's a lot of very memorable riffs throughout the release as well that are quite catchy and get stuck in your head, thus making you want to hear it again and again. On my second listen now and I keep finding little subtle things here and there that I really like. Very solid release! Hails! Favorite track: Let The Ravens Fly!.
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Unsigned / Independant

Other praise for "A Season Of Pagan Sorrow":

"Kald Kriger delivers a merciless piece of pagan black metal. Tracks such as "Let The Ravens Fly!" give the listener a familiar feeling from a band that we all love: Bathory." - Nacht_M

"Kald Kriger holds your head under the snow until your nose falls off, then will make you eat it. Would love to see them live Favorite track: The Doom of the Gods." Atomic 101


released January 8, 2017

All vocals, music & lyrics were written, recorded, mixed, mastered and produced by Vredensdal within his home studio.
All artwork, photography, logos and layout by Vredensdal.
All instruments performed by Vredensdal except the drums, in session by Lord Mortkin.



all rights reserved


Kald Kriger Bellingham, Washington

Led by writer, composer and multi-instrumentalist; Vredensdal.


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Track Name: Úlfhéðnar
The wolves descend upon perilous night in search for holy blood
Imbued with Thors thunderous might to strike down the white god

We are savage men with hunger in our eyes
We shall not faint until we feast on the hearts of the soldiers of christ

Without shield without sword

Wolves of Odhinn
Howling in the night
Killing is our right

We smell your filth from miles away
Our pack will hunt until new dawn's day

Beneath our blackened skin grows an invulnerable rage
Without fear without remorse

Wolves of Odhinn
Howling in the night
Úlfhéðnar forever

We sharpen our fangs
And make an offering to the gods
And though some of us may die
We will tear you limb from limb
Track Name: The Doom Of The Gods
I have forseen
The destruction ahead
He will not quit
Until we are all dead

Beckons the wolf
Darkness is he
An apocalyptic holiday
Of forseen defeat

Allfathers demise
Odin closes his eye
Hugin and munin lie dead on the ground
The end of our time is now

Brothers will fight and kill each other
Thor will fall with Jormungandr
No mercy Ragnarok
The Doom of the Gods

Hear the thunderclap
The sky will fall
Beneath us earth crack
It will take us all

You cannot escape Midgards fate
Soon you will dwell in the realm of Hel
The mountain you live under crumbles before you
A great wave to extinguish all you know
Track Name: Smite The Cross
We stand in the sunset, seeking your wisdom in the last ray of light,
falling from between the clouds as scarlet pools like the blood beneath our feet

We march up the hill
Where the crucifix stands tall
To break necks instead of bread
and shout our heathen call

You forced your way onto sacred lands
Built temples where pagans once worshiped
At sword point made your demands
Anointed with blood and curses

You are detested
Your god is rejected
Your life force is demeaning
The earth needs a cleaning

See the smoke rise
from the valley of wrath
Smite the Cross
Burn it down

What caused you to do this? What made you true?
A divine rite you have claimed
That by wealth and greed is skewed
What is your purpose as a vessel of lies?
I have accepted the challenge to bring your demise

Curse the name of christ
Blaspheme all things white
All hail our divine right
To rid the world of this Christian blight

See the smoke rise
Rain down a volley of death
Smite that fucking Cross
Feel my blade penetrate your chest

Given to our swords
Numerous they are
And without restraint
We bleed them and use it as paint
To draw a sacred rune of blasphemy

One-handed God who does what must be done,
Grim and uncompromising, keep our spines straight,
Our heads high, our eyes forward on this path of death and glory

Hail Tyr
Hail Tor
Hail Odhinn

To keep going in the face of all fear,
To do right in the face of all necessity,
To walk unswerving through
fire, blood and steel
Track Name: Heaven Impaled
Blackened eyes without a lid
Find a saving grace within the dying light
Find a cold comfort within the screams
To which you cannot match a face

Avert your eyes from the light
And find the truth in its absence
Let this darkness be your master
And succumb to the wounds you've created

Rain pisses from the sky
Upon the greenest hill
Dull and without life
A Heaven Impaled

Is not something you wish for

Is not something you're granted

Is something much greater

I shall penetrate your love
with a spear of unrighteousness
There will be a black bond
structured by hopelessness

Avert your eyes from the light
And find the truth in its absence
Let this darkness be your master
And succumb to the wounds we created together

Rain pisses from the sky
Upon the greenest hill
Dull and without life
A Heaven Impaled
Track Name: Let The Ravens Fly!
Among the greenest pastures
Beneath the whitest waterfall
Lives an old wizard
Who speaks to The Gods

The forest is yawning
Beasts gather their young
Trolls linger in darkness
The spiders web is spun

Then men came with folklore
That spoke of a bloody christ
Many people they tortured
Forced to drink the blood of lies

Too many fallen warriors
You bastards will pay with blood
Your sons and daughters
Will stand where we stood

Trees that sway in winter
A fire scorches the night sky
A prisoner sent to slaughter
For he with only one eye

Odin owns us all
Your shadow hangs upon a great tree
Wise are you who bares the runes
Take this sacrifice, spare divinity

I wear my hammer with pride
I invert the cross before your eyes
I stand a heathen for all time
I will never see the light

Silence fills these bloodied fields
The wind carries an anguished cry
We'll honor our dead with axes swords and shields
Let the Ravens fly
Track Name: This Storm Travels North
I have seen the beginnings of death
I have seen many endings of life
I've watched the horror awaken in the mind
and saw the escape of light from the eyes

Now As I walk through the center of the ravaging storm
My body and mind are torn piece by piece
Though thunder and lightning do me no harm
Flesh and bone is met with frost and ice

I cannot contain how empty I am
I cannot control my desperate hand
I'm just a ghost of a man with a warriors heart
Who worships the forest and wallows in the dark

I must go I must find new beginnings
I will leave my previous lives behind

I'll sail on many oceans I'll crash upon the strongest tides
Let the salt splash into my wounds

I'll be as strong as the seas are stormy though whisps of misfortune guide my way
Let the wind sweep me up into the hurricanes eye
Today is the day I know I will die

My earthly body has been destroyed
I'm reborn anew from the ancient void
Golden valkyries grant me safe passage
Let "This Storm Travels North" be my final adage
Track Name: A Season Of Pagan Sorrow
Bodies litter the ground
This landscape is devoid of mortal sound
Blades kiss the sky
Sons are lost as arrows fly

The voices I hear mimic the dead
Screams of torture forever remain my head

I watched my brothers die
I watched you remove her head
I found my children's bodies in the fields

I know what I must do
Heimdall marks my path true
I tear out my roots and follow on

Drunk with despair yet filled with pride
Thor grant protection for me and mine
Terror and passion strike
My mountain of strife

I am a great tree bound to this world
My spirit reaches deep into the earth
My branches touch all the elements of the sky
Upon my body the Allfathers eye

Challenge my soul
Define my worth
Step by step I travel towards tomorrow
Into an everlasting season of sorrow
Track Name: Hordes Of Death (Bonus Track)
Hordes of death

Gnashing teeth
Ripping flesh
Hordes of Death

The orcs are coming
Bloodlust rots in their eyes
Black banners marching
The pestilence of human life
Many lives they have taken
Their hunger knows no bounds
No remorse for the children
Like monstrous green hounds

The scent of manflesh
Brings our blood to boil
I will not be satisfied
Until I have my spoil
Come dwarf, human, elf
I'll taste your innards all
Spellbound by green magicks
None can escape the WAAAGH!

Gnashing teeth
Ripping flesh
Hordes of Death

The great battlefield
Littered with putrid corpses
We make sacrament to their deaths
With cheap wine and red flame torches
Our king has fallen
The soothsayers words were wrong
Great Sigmar protect your people
From the impending oblivion

Crushing skulls underfoot
Turn their bones to mud and soot
Rip their jaws from their heads
Paint your face with deep red
We will put an end to them all
We've torn down their mightiest thrall
One million lives is but a small cost
All hail the Warboss

Night Goblins wait deep underground
A symphony of evil unnatural sound
The wolf riders hunt for a new feast
Perched atop their great fanged beast
Throwing spears to pierce your soul
Too many to count a behemoth foe
A thousand arrows blanket the sun
You cannot hide you cannot run

Tribes beyond number
Brutal and belligerent
Crafty and vicious
A green tide of sheer violence

Prepare for your doom
Here come the Hordes of Death