Hordes Of Death (Bonus Track)

from by Kald Kriger



Bonus Track


Hordes of death

Gnashing teeth
Ripping flesh
Hordes of Death

The orcs are coming
Bloodlust rots in their eyes
Black banners marching
The pestilence of human life
Many lives they have taken
Their hunger knows no bounds
No remorse for the children
Like monstrous green hounds

The scent of manflesh
Brings our blood to boil
I will not be satisfied
Until I have my spoil
Come dwarf, human, elf
I'll taste your innards all
Spellbound by green magicks
None can escape the WAAAGH!

Gnashing teeth
Ripping flesh
Hordes of Death

The great battlefield
Littered with putrid corpses
We make sacrament to their deaths
With cheap wine and red flame torches
Our king has fallen
The soothsayers words were wrong
Great Sigmar protect your people
From the impending oblivion

Crushing skulls underfoot
Turn their bones to mud and soot
Rip their jaws from their heads
Paint your face with deep red
We will put an end to them all
We've torn down their mightiest thrall
One million lives is but a small cost
All hail the Warboss

Night Goblins wait deep underground
A symphony of evil unnatural sound
The wolf riders hunt for a new feast
Perched atop their great fanged beast
Throwing spears to pierce your soul
Too many to count a behemoth foe
A thousand arrows blanket the sun
You cannot hide you cannot run

Tribes beyond number
Brutal and belligerent
Crafty and vicious
A green tide of sheer violence

Prepare for your doom
Here come the Hordes of Death


from A Season Of Pagan Sorrow, released January 8, 2017



all rights reserved


Kald Kriger Bellingham, Washington

Led by writer, composer and multi-instrumentalist; Vredensdal.


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