Smite The Cross

from by Kald Kriger



We stand in the sunset, seeking your wisdom in the last ray of light,
falling from between the clouds as scarlet pools like the blood beneath our feet

We march up the hill
Where the crucifix stands tall
To break necks instead of bread
and shout our heathen call

You forced your way onto sacred lands
Built temples where pagans once worshiped
At sword point made your demands
Anointed with blood and curses

You are detested
Your god is rejected
Your life force is demeaning
The earth needs a cleaning

See the smoke rise
from the valley of wrath
Smite the Cross
Burn it down

What caused you to do this? What made you true?
A divine rite you have claimed
That by wealth and greed is skewed
What is your purpose as a vessel of lies?
I have accepted the challenge to bring your demise

Curse the name of christ
Blaspheme all things white
All hail our divine right
To rid the world of this Christian blight

See the smoke rise
Rain down a volley of death
Smite that fucking Cross
Feel my blade penetrate your chest

Given to our swords
Numerous they are
And without restraint
We bleed them and use it as paint
To draw a sacred rune of blasphemy

One-handed God who does what must be done,
Grim and uncompromising, keep our spines straight,
Our heads high, our eyes forward on this path of death and glory

Hail Tyr
Hail Tor
Hail Odhinn

To keep going in the face of all fear,
To do right in the face of all necessity,
To walk unswerving through
fire, blood and steel


from A Season Of Pagan Sorrow, released January 8, 2017



all rights reserved


Kald Kriger Bellingham, Washington

Led by writer, composer and multi-instrumentalist; Vredensdal.


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